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Lake Bluff Farms

Manistee, MI



A place where all of nature and history is valued with a focus on conservation, education and preservation.

World Famous Giant Sequoia

In 1948, six sequoia trees, 8 inches high, were brought from California by Mr and Mrs Eddie Gray and were planted here at their Lake Bluff estate. Three of these trees have survived and are thriving. Our biggest, the Michigan Champion, is 116 feet tall. It is the largest Giant Sequoia east of the Rockies. The "natural" distribution of the Giant Sequoias is a limited area in the western Sierra Nevada in California. This makes the Lake Bluff sequoia special. Foresters and arborists around the world are in awe of its great success in a place so far from its natural growing area. It is nearly one-half the size of the biggest known sequoias in the world.



Because the hallmark of Lake Bluff is protecting the flora, fauna, and inherent history not just for today, but for all future generations, Lake Bluff Farms will place a concentration upon preservation, education, protection and upkeep of the homestead and immediate surrounding areas.


This corporation is being established as a 501(c)3 non-profit for the purpose of the preservation, protection, education, enhancement and maintenance of the wild habitats immediately surrounding the Lake Bluff homestead as well as the preservation of the current buildings and appurtenances.